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A collection of song lyrics from HMHB

27 Yards of Dental Floss [Cammel Laird Social Club]

27 Yards of Dental Floss [Cammel Laird Social Club]
Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Well I told her about a thought
Life’s too short and we really should go for a ride
Paul’s just phoned the war’s postponed
So come on I’ve got the Plymouth outside

The skies a bit dull but the fridge is full
Things could be a lot worse
It’s not like you’ve been captured
By Barbary corsairs

I said let’s head Winchester way
She said I’ve been yesterday
Twenty seven yards of dental floss and she still won’t give me smile

Fired by wine she was almost mine ‘til a fight broke out in the bar
Third rate Les in his Burberry fez had gone just a little too far
Nailing down his bailing wire to the laminate floor
He sang a salty song about a girl from Bangalore

I said would you like to go the zoo
She said yeah but not with you
Twenty seven yards….etc

I’m King Euphoria she’s Queen Victoria
Twenty seven yards….etc

I’m clowning by the Sepentine
She’s still drinking turpentine
Will she ever shine a light on me

And now the notes taken from www.hmhb.co.uk

Plymouth not Argyle, but the American automobile .

Barbary Corsairs Middle Age pirates (the Barbarossa brothers being arguably the most famous) from the Barbary coast of Muslim north Africa. Instead of going for the loot, they attacked Christian ships and ransomed off the captured crew, or sold them into slavery.

Winchester is in Hampshire.

Bangalore capital of Karnataka, India.

Serpentine Christmas day lake swimming in Hyde Park.

"Will she ever shine her light on me?" almost certainly a reference to theThe Midnight Specialby Johnny Rivers, the chorus of which goes "let the midnight special shine her light on me".